$5,550 in 11 days

There’s no “easy” money to be made in the markets. If anyone ever tells you that, run for the hills.

But there is fast money to be made. For example, Yen sellers had the chance to grab $5,550 in just 11 days by following the specific recommendation I sent out on June 17.

Here’s the chart I shared with you last month. The vertical, dotted line marks the date of my broadcast, June 17.

See larger image

The title of my article was “A Chance to Join the Trend,” because loyal Boom & Bust subscribers have already been short the yen for some time. I originally recommended betting against the yen exactly one year ago. As of today, this position is up more than 55%!

Of course, this explosive move made many Boom & Bust subscribers very happy. It also left those who missed it envious…

From a fundamental perspective, we’ve been talking about the political and macroeconomic forces that have been pushing, and will continue to push, the value of the Japanese yen lower and lower.

Yet, fundamental analysis alone falls short of helping investors know when to get into the trade, how to protect their capital, and when to lock in profits.

Technical analysis, on the other hand, helps us with each of these factors.

For this trade, I gave very specific guidance… all based on my technical analysis of USD/JPY.

I said to get in at ¥94.50…

I said to get out (place a stop loss order) at ¥92.50…

And I said to take profits at ¥100…

Anyone following these guidelines was able to lock in $5,550, per standard forex lot, in just 11 days. Not too shabby!