DO NOT Buy GM: We Squeezed the Juice From This “Lemon”

Rodney and I both drive SUVs. He has a GM. I have a Toyota. We have stare-downs occasionally.

As Rodney shows above, GM has an uphill battle to fight against Shinzo Abe’s commitment to putting Japanese exporters, like Toyota, back on top. And just recently Toyota reclaimed the top title of #1 global carmaker, surpassing GM once again.

The fight is on!

My partnership with Harry and Rodney works so well because we each bring a different, complimentary skill set to the table. Harry’s the big thinker… drawing from hundreds of years of history and demographic trends to forecast major waves in the economy.

Rodney has a steel-trap mind and can rattle off economic report numbers from memory without blinking. He also has a knack for understanding what makes companies tick and how economic and political shifts will make them more or less profitable moving forward.

As for me, I’m a trader… I analyze stock prices and annual reports, looking for signals that tell me “NOW! Now is the time to buy… or sell.”

My call for today is: get out of GM (NYSE: GM) stock.

You may have gains of at least 26% in GM stock if you followed my advice on April 26, 2012 when I said:

Love ‘em or hate ‘em… either way, today looks like a good day to buy General Motors (NYSE: GM).

I shared at least three reasons why it was a great time to buy GM stock at that time, along with specific prices – where to buy and where to sell. If you missed it, and I hope you didn’t, you can check out my original analysis here.

This trade worked out perfectly. And today’s the day to sell. Check it out…

See larger image

The vertical line shows when I recommended buying GM, in the buy zone just above $22/share. I told you a support level at $19 looked strong and you’ll see in the chart that this level held when it was tested again later in the summer.

I recommended cutting your losses if GM fell to $18, breaking the support level. But sure enough, the level held and GM subsequently moved from $19 to just above $30 in less than six months.

Based on today’s prices, you may have gains of at least 26% if you followed my recommendation.

This stock pulled back to about $28 over the past two weeks and, while it could continue higher, the risk in holding on for that little bit extra just isn’t justified. The yen has been devalued by about 12% since I made this call – giving Toyota the competitive edge.

Take your money and run!