Housing Bubble 2.0

The run up in homebuilder stocks is nothing short of spectacular… and suspicious.

While the S&P 500 is up 28% since September 2011, homebuilder stocks have trounced that gain.

On the low end of the range, AV Homes (NYSE: AVHI) is up 42%, even as they’ve lost $430 million since 2008.

On the high end you’ll see PulteGroup (NYSE: PHM) has mounted an insane 355% rally. And they aren’t really profitable, either. They made $206 million in net income last year, after losing $6.2 BILLION in the prior five years.

This is ludicrous! Take a look…

See larger image

Homebuilders have made major adjustments – they’ve written down inventory and reduced overhead costs, like wages. You could call it “right-sizing.” We call it deflation. Nonetheless, these adjustments could have put homebuilders in a much stronger position to be profitable.

But that’s not what I see happening here.

More likely, the outperformance of homebuilder stocks is a sign of pure, unadulterated speculation. Investors – from Wall Street to Main Street – are yearnrning for “the bottom.” Eager anticipation of a real housing recovery will cause these stocks to be bid up, even if not justified by the fundamentals.

Can you say “Housing Bubble 2.0?”

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Adam O’Dell

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