Harry’s No “Flip-Flopper,” But…

I’ve been Harry Dent’s right-hand investment guy for six years now, and I’ve known his work for much longer.

Most people have no clue how tough it is to do what Harry does.

He’s truly an outside-the-box, big picture thinker.

He’s fiercely independent.

He’s the ultimate contrarian.

And he gives “zero f***s” when his research, opinions and forecasts set him apart from the group-think masses.

Bottom line: Harry tells it like it is – good, bad or ugly.

Most people can’t do that (even if they think they can).

Most people fall victim to herding behavior, where they do something just because everyone else is doing it (and because it feels safer to be in the herd).

Most people are so worried about looking “different” – particularly about having different results in their investment portfolios – that they’d rather play it safe, buy index funds, and close their eyes… hoping and praying for the best.

They’d rather win or lose with the crowd, rather than win or lose on their own.

Not Harry.

Of course, he’s not completely immune to the long list of cognitive biases influencing investors (nobody is, not even me!), but his track record of bold, contrarian market calls proves his ability to overcome biases and provide truly prophetic advice.

Like when he…

  • Issued his strongest “buy” signal in October 2002. Shortly after, we saw the Dow soar from 7,200 to 14,280 over the next five years!
  • Warnrned readers in September 2005, that the real estate bubble was peaking… The crash started just a few months later, in early 2006.
  • Told readers, on April 25, 2011 – the very day silver peaked – to sell their gold and silver (gold peaked just five short months later).

As I’m sure you can tell by now, when Harry speaks… you should listen!

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Harry just about every week for the past six years – and I can assure you, he’s one of the greatest minds I’ve ever known.

Part of Harry’s brilliance is his ability to balance two opposing forces. On one hand there’s the urge to explore new information (and, change his mind when it’s warranted)… and on the other hand, there’s the urge to stick to his opinion (and stay the course), even when everyone around him is blathering in disagreement.

As I said, Harry doesn’t really care what people think of him. That’s a huge advantage, because it allows him to stay convicted to the most meaningful long-term forecasts, even when the shorter-term cycles aren’t immediately proving him correct.

At the same time, I’ve personally witnessed Harry change his mind when it was warranted… when new or better information pointed to a different or more likely conclusion.

That makes him stand apart, because most people feel awkward changing their mind. Heck, “flip-flopper” is a derogatory term for someone who doesn’t have the spine to stay stubbornrn to his opinion, right?!

But for Harry, it’s not about his ego. It’s about helping is readers survive and prosper… and he tirelessly and mercilessly works toward that goal.

This mental flexibility is a must when you’re operating in financial markets.

In this arena, being a “flip-flopper” is a good thing. It means you can cut losses on a bad idea and make profits on a good one, even if you have to change your mind to get there.

Remember, the #1 goal of investing is to make money.

If you think the main goal of investing is to be right, or look smart, or never change your mind… you’re sorely misguided.

Harry knows this, of course. And that’s why he and I are committed to providing you and our other readers the very best advice – actionable advice for today’s markets.

A lot has changed in the six years I’ve worked side-by-side with Harry.

The bull market was just budding back then…

Now it’s eight years old, 240% above the March 2009 bottom, and, for now, and (suspiciously) edging higher.

Yet, just as the bull market has evolved, so too have Harry’s views on the best way to gather profits.

So I’m sure you’ll be interested in hearing the latest on Harry’s perspective on stocks – is he really saying they’re a “BUY” right now?!

Next Tuesday we’re hosting an exclusive webinar called Hidden Cycles: Why Harry Dent is Finally Saying BUY!!! You can register to watch, for free, and get a whole bunch of additional research to boot (also all free).

For now, I urge you to take a good long look at your current opinions about the markets and investing.

Are you falling victim to herding behavior?

Are you being stubbornrn to outdated, possibly erroneous opinions?

Harry’s no “flip-flopper,” but I can assure you that he keeps an open and flexible mind.

You should too!

Adam O’Dell

Editor, Cycle 9 Alert

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