The Biggest Investment Mistake Harry Dent Ever Made

Just last week, Rodney Johnson, our Boom & Bust Portfolio Manager, launched an investment research service that pivots on one of my favorite things: a cycle.

As we worked together to finalize the offering for readers like you, we got to remembering how it all started, decades ago. Back then already, Rodney was harnrnessing the power of what he now calls the Second Wave Cycle. When we first met, he taught me some valuable lessons that helped me step out of the biggest investment mistakes I was making.

Since then, Rodney has been on a mission to make this Second Wave Cycle accessible to every day investors like you. Finally, he’s done it. So he, our senior research assistant, Dave Okenquist, and I got together to talk about it.

Today, I want to share that video with you… in part because you’ll benefit from understanding the Second Wave Cycle better, but also to reveal the embarrassing investment mistakes I was making before I met Rodney.

In fact, in hindsight, I think these mistakes may have been my biggest ever. Not only did I lose money… I watched others swoop in and take what could have been mine!

Here’s the video…


For more details about this Second Wave Cycle, watch this webinar Rodney recorded last week. He shows you how this new predictive tool could turnrn a modest investment into .