Seeking Profitable Investment Opportunities? Look No Further…

I wear many hats here at Dent Research.

As the Chief Investment Strategist for our group, I’m responsible for identifying actionable investment opportunities for subscribers who, naturally, have unique and varying needs.

Some investors take the “long view,” and require passive, long-term investments.

Other investors require a more active, short-term approach.

Either way, it’s always been my goal to offer something for everyone.

In Boom & Bust, our monthly newsletter, I work to marry Harry and Rodney’s economic forecasts with long-term investments that are advantageously positioned within the cycles and trends they see unfolding in the years ahead.

Through my trading service, Cycle 9 Alert, I give subscribers in-depth analysis of market sectors… pointing them to sectors that are poised to outperform the “market averages” over a two- to three-month timeframe.

After identifying the best way to play an up-and-coming sector, I give these subscribers specific entry and exit trade alerts. Even though it’s an active trading service, it’s so easy even many novice investors use it.

I’ve also developed a second trading service, called Max Profit Alert.

This service is similar to Cycle 9 Alert, in that it relies on a data-driven, probabilities-based approach to finding the best opportunities. But with Max Profit Alert, we’re operating on an even faster timeframe… two to three weeks, to be exact.

And that’s because, after years of research, I figured out a safe way to take advantage of short-term overreactions in market prices. Essentially, we’re capitalizing on the transitory “mispricing” of stock prices. These mispricing opportunities come about on a regular basis, but only in a small handful of stocks at any given time. And these opportunities are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye.

But I’ve never seen the value in trying to spot profitable investment opportunities with my naked eye.

In fact, most investment philosophies I run across are far too subjective, or wishy-washy, for my taste.

For me… I need quantifiable data and a statistical edge before I’ll even consider putting a dime in the market.

And that’s why I rely on investment systems… systems that have proven themselves to work — across market conditions — for many years.

Not only does my reliance on investment systems ensure we’re minimizing potential risks and maximizing potential returnrns… it also allows me to be a super-efficient, investment-picking machine.

Instead of manually analyzing a small handful of potential investments… I’m able to systematically filter through thousands of opportunities in very little time. And then, only once the very best opportunities have risen to the surface (much like cream rises to the top), I share these investment picks with subscribers.

Watch for more details on my newest trading service, Max Profit Alert, in the weeks ahead. I developed this system in late 2013… and so far, it’s only been open to a small group of VIP subscribers. But that will change next week, as we have plans to open the doors to the public.