The Swiss Army Knife of Investing

Joe Wirbick is the founder and president of Sequinox, a full-service financial firm based in Lancaster, Pa., that serves over 800 clients nationwide. He is an avid public speaker who has shared his knowledge on topics such as hidden tax strategies, social security planning, charitable giving, and market trends with thousands of investors, business leaders and financial advisors all over the world. Joe’s unique ability to transform complex investment concepts into easy-to-understand investment options has caused him to be a repeat guest speaker at leading industry events such as Midland National’s annual life insurance conference, Dent Research’s annual conference, and Sammons Securities Company’s annual conference.

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Do you remember Swiss Army knives? Back when I was a kid, it seemed like everybody had one.

If I ever needed to cut something, I could rely on my father to reach into his pocket and produce his trusty, well-used, Swiss Army knife.

I can recall my best friend’s parents going away to Switzerland and returnrning with the biggest Swiss Army knife I’d ever seen. Oh, how I wanted to have one of those for myself!

The beauty of the Swiss Army knife was that it was a single tool that did multiple jobs. Sure it had a knife, and a file, but it also had a Phillips head and a flathead screwdriver, it had a magnifying glass… it even had a saw, just in case you wanted to slowly and painfully cut down your neighbors tree.

That multifunctionality is what made the Swiss Army knife so special. Thankfully, I’ve found the Swiss Army knife of the investment world…

And if you join me at the Irrational Economic Summit in Miami (October 16 to 18), you’ll see exactly what I mean. I will show you a solution that can meet your investment needs, all in one little package.

You see, as an investor, you want more from your investments…

You want them to perform without risk.

You want them to make money without owing taxes.

You want to have the freedom to save as much money as possible without the governrnment telling you that you earnrn too much.

You want your assets to pass quickly to your heirs, without fees or expenses.

And now you can have all of that and more!

There’s an alternrnative asset class that you’ve probably not looked at in years, but that has recently been modified to be able to make it more user-friendly… and I’ll tell you all about it in October.

What I will tell you now is that I’ve been in the financial industry for longer than 18 years. I’ve spent that time researching the marketplace for my clients, hunting for a tool that will meet my clients’ needs and not break their wallet.

A few short years ago I found it!

It was hiding in one of the most unlikely spots. Even when I was introduced to it, I still didn’t believe it was real. So I spent months digging deeper, asking more questions, trying to find out how it had been hiding in plain sight all these years and how I and all of my colleagues had been overlooking it.

Come the Irrational Economic Summit. I will reveal this very simple, yet versatile, solution. I’ll share my insights into our complex tax code, and explain how these insights can improve your financial life. And I’ll show you how to use this information to your benefit.

More than that, I’ll share the insider tricks the wealthy use to their advantage…

I’ll uncover for you where the politicians are hiding their money… where executives park millions per year, tax free!

And I’ll let you in on a secret very few people know about, but should be discussed openly and shared with everyone.

So join me at the Irrational Economic Summit this October to discover how to better protect your hard-earnrned assets during these crazy global economic times.

I’ll see you there!


Joe Wirbick

P.S. It was while I was researching the marketplace for my clients that I was introduced to Harry and Rodney and their insights into our economy. It changed my practice overnrnight! What I’ve learnrned from them over the last six years has allowed me to get the edge I needed over my competition… and to give my customers the edge they need in the investment world.

They showed me what this world really was: a ticking time bomb. Having this knowledge enabled me to see the importance of finding the right solution. We all need one during these times of global economic turmoil. And I believe I can give you what you need: The Swiss Army knife of investing.