Think Like a Trader

I’m going to do the Friday rant a little differently this week, because we’re clearly living through historic times, and the volatility each day in the markets means that we need to make different decisions than we normally would.

Which is why on Wednesday I said that we’re getting to the day where it might be a good idea to start lightening up your portfolio … or getting out of the market entirely.

Well, that day has happened – it’s today, and you should act accordingly.

So in today’s rant, instead of talking about long-term outlooks as we usually do, we’re going to get into the nitty gritty. We’re going to think like professional stock traders.

What’s that mean? It means I’m going to look at exactly where we are right now and consider a series of short-term outcomes based on what’s happened during other crashes in history and where we are today. Then, I’ll lay out the probability of those incomes, and break down what a trader would do in these scenarios.

Again, this is an unprecedented era and we’ll have to act accordingly, which means it’s time to think like a real trader. I’ll show you how to do that this week in my rant.