Three Principles to Double Your Money in Two Years

AdamI was in an awkward position back in November 2012.

We were warnrning readers about the growing imbalances and cracks in the global economy. But stocks were climbing higher and higher thanks to the Fed flooding the market with free money, along with nearly every central bank in the world.

And there I was, trying to convince Harry, Rodney and our team at Dent Research that my research advisory, Cycle 9 Alert, would be the key to making our readers money for years to come…

No matter the state of the economy!

No matter the direction of the broad market!

Today, they’re believers – and my loudest advocates – as are my nearly 2,100 subscribers… even though they’re still not quite sure how I do it.

Many new and potential subscribers of Cycle 9 Alert are skeptical. And they should be! As Frederick the Great once said: “Skepticism is the mother of security.” Readers email me daily wanting to know how I can consistently beat the market.

So for anyone out there wondering how I do it, and wanting to join me and my circle of money-making subscribers, here’s how you can potentially double your money in two years, starting with as little as $5,000.

Principle #1 – Don’t Invest Your Entire Account in One Trade

Whether you have $5,000 to invest or $50,000, NEVER invest all of it in any one trade.

Only invest a portion of your account in each trade.

What portion, specifically?

I can’t actually give you that number. It’s a personal choice that only you can make. But I can give some guidance. You see, we’ve never had more than five positions open at once in Cycle 9 Alert… so you might consider dividing your capital by five (5), and investing that amount in each trade.

So if you have $50,000 to play with… that’s $10,000 for each trade.

If you have $5,000 to play with… that’s $1,000 for each trade.

Principle #2 – Invest the SAME Amount into Each Trade

Next, I highly recommend that you invest equal dollar amounts into each position I recommend. (I even created a position-sizing calculator that Cycle 9 readers can access any time.)

If you deviate from equal-dollar position sizing… by investing, say, $5,000 in some positions and $45,000 in others… you undermine the strategy’s efficacy and your own success.

Principle #3 – Commit to the Long View

Cycle 9 Alert makes money over time… all you have to do is let it!

We don’t make money on every trade. We don’t make money every month. But we do make money over time.

Consider this…

The first trade I ever recommended to Cycle 9 subscribers was back in November 2012.

Since then, I’ve pointed subscribers to 64 potentially profitable opportunities… 38 winners and 26 losers.

On average, investing $10,000 in each position resulted in a net profit of $1,170 per trade (or roughly 12%).

$1,170 per trade… times 64 trades… results in a total net profit of $75,000.

So, consider the hypothetical investor who started with $50,000 back in November 2012 and invested $10,000 into each and every Cycle 9 Alert pick I’ve recommended.

That $50,000 turnrned into $125,000 in just 40 months.

(For smaller accounts… an original $5,000 turnrned into $12,500.)

This works out to a 32% annual rate of returnrn… enough to double your money in just over two years’ time.

That’s a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!

Of course, you have to commit to the long view to get there.

I can’t double your money overnrnight. I can’t make every single trade a winner. No one can!

But if you set yourself up on a prudent trading plan… invest an equal dollar amount into each trade (whether that’s $10,000 or $1,000)… and stay committed to the strategy… you stand to be handsomely rewarded.

Adam O’Dell, CMT

Chief Investment Strategist, Dent Research