Technology Experts Hand Us a 25% Gain

There’s no doubt highly-specialized technology expertise give companies a competitive advantage. And it’s no surprise that the handful of companies that have a lock on the world’s best technology come from already developed, wealthy nations.

Germany is one example.

The country is well-known for its expertise in mechanical engineering and manufacturing. German-bornrn companies contribute excellence in the automotive (BMW) and automation (KUKA) industries. And of course Birkenstock sandals are made in Germany!

In May of last year I put Boom & Bust subscribers into a German electrical engineering company that is dominating the global infrastructure market. The pick was a natural fit for our thesis that a growing world population, along with urbanization, will drive strong demand for upgraded infrastructure all around the world.

And the best part is, only a handful of firms have the experience and technical know-how to pull off such complex jobs.

Through my countless long days and sleepless nights of research I was able to hone in on the market leader and we’ve done quite well in this stock. Take a look…

See larger image

We added this stock to our Boom & Bust model portfolio in early May and the stock’s performance has been strong since then. We’re enjoying open profits of 25% on this gem.

And I believe we have much more to gain holding this stock. The global infrastructure trend will persist for many years, and the company I recommended has been around for more than a century. It’s been through the ringer many times… is a tried and tested shakeout winner in its own right. This Winter Shakeout Season will just become another notch on this company’s belt.

The stock has pulled back recently, which is perfectly normal because nothing in the investment world moves in a straight line… everything has to take a breather. But this gives us another opportunity to buy shares at a favorable price. I’ll be letting Boom & Bust subscribers know this is a “Buy” again in our upcoming March issue.

If you haven’t joined us yet, I sure hope you do… Sign-up for Boom & Bust today and I’ll make sure you receive our March issue in time to make a move into this stock… before it makes a move without you!

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